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Nuka Cola Mini Fridge

This little fridge is superb for suitors who desire cola! It is small and grants a small size, so it can be stored in the kitchen or home without issue, plus, the mini fridge extends a delicious Cola flavor that is sure to please.

Geek Mini Fridge

The Cola mini fridge is a fridge that is practical for lovers who grove on to geek out, this fridge provides a lot of potential and can store a lot of analytics data. It is splendid for folks who are interested in the fallout 4 2022 game, this mini fridge is a replica of the Cola fridge from fallout 4. It presents a small issue - it's to charge while it'sworking - but it'll get the job done, it comes with an and a sticker stickers. The fallout Cola mini fridge is a top-of-the-heap add on to your fallout 4 death house, it is a small, but reliable fridge that comes with a lot of features and looks of its own. It is good for keeping you in your survivors drinks and items, the mini fridge also comes with a lot of features such as a top that does not have any and a door that allows direct access to your survivor's belongings. This mini fridge is a must-have for any fallout Cola fan's set, it comes with a sleek, sleek design and is puissant for holding all your drinks.