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Mini Fridge Lock Kit

This mini fridge Lock Kit is enticing for your refrigerator, it comes with two keys and a key card, so you can easily open it up as needed. The key card allows you to easily find your choice in and out, while the key box offers a variety of key sounds to help you stay safety-safe.

Combination Lock Mini Fridge

This combo Lock mini fridge locker guard is dandy for children who are not very friendly to open the fridge, this mini fridge locker guard is fabricated of durable plastic and is attached to a strong padlock for security. It includes a keyhole opening for effortless key in and out, the guard is further equipped with a combination Lock and card reader. This Lock Kit will protect your mini fridge from adults out, it includes 2 pieces - a security door Lock and a door Lock - so you can be sure to keep your food and drinks safe from mischievous adults. This Lock Kit is outstanding for your refrigerator - without the need for a lock, this Kit includes the key and Lock itself. The key is superb for straightforward key-masterykeeping, and the Lock itself is puissant for keeping your food safe, with the Lock kit, you can rest assured that your refrigerator is safe and secure. Are you scouring for an alternative to keep your children safe and secure? Conceding that wanting for a Kit that can do just that, then refrigerator door Lock Kit mini fridge is the item for you! This Kit includes a refrigerator com mini fridge door lock, 2 keys, and an instruction booklet, it makes for a simple and secure surrogate to keep your child safe and access to their food.