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Cosmetic Mini Fridge

This personal chillers cosmetics cooler imparts 7 liters of cool temperature and acid to give your skincare products the pick up they need to survive the winter, the mini fridge is a first-class interview to your cosmetics and skincare items.

Jlo Beauty Mini Fridge

This beauty mini fridge is a top-of-the-heap way to keep you items and skincare in our new mini fridge, this mini fridge is just the right size for you items and skincare, and it is in like manner a warmer for these items. The mini fridge portable cooler warmer is first-class for made up, makeup, and cold drinks, this fridge size cooler grants an 4-way control, so you can customize temperature and climate. The sleek design is puissant for any room, the refrigerator also renders a built in ice maker that makes cold water feel great, so you can drink right out of the fridge. This pink frigidaire retro 6-can mini fridge is a top addition to your kitchen island and is again peerless for skin care, this fridge provides a Cosmetic level skin care category and a moisturizer level. It provides a size at 6-can and is filled with items like lip balm, shampoo, and conditioner, this mini fridge is again a practical substitute for folks with a large kitchen. This pink frigidaire mini fridge is a top-notch addition to each home kitchen, this fridge is fantastic for skin care, moisturizer and any other bottled water needs. The fridge comes with a little Cosmetic skin care palette and a few personal care items, this fridge is a first-class addition to all home kitchen and fantastic for any budget.